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Five Myles: Talented & Gifted Showcase

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Crystal Hanton Art Giveaway

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Monolodge in accordance with Revo Films presents a viewing of a motion picture trailer for the novel "Duppy: Ya Reap Whatcha Sow" A Novel By Ronald Haynie with a pre and post show book signing, meet and greet with the director, cast & crew of the film, special invited actors, mentors, producers, and crews of the stage play "Duppy" based on the novel, plus monologues from the Monolodge family of actors: resident, guest, and audience. With theatre games, trivia, and a Q & A session from the evening's feature, this will be a historic night to remember!

Doors open at 6pm with autographed novels for purchase, food & two for one drink specials through the night and continuous music from DJ Jamar Jacobs who will spin the hits of today's and yesterday's Reggae, R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, House/Club with an examination of music pertaining to time period of the novel 1978-1992.

Showtime begins at 7:30PM


48 West 21st Street between 5th & 6th Avenues (Avenue of The Americas)

New York, NY 10010

Tuesday October 20th at 6PM

Complimentary Admission

Autographed Novels for Sale

Food & Drink Specials

Theatrical Monologues

Music & Networking

For Additional Information: 646-535-6170

By Subway: F train (6th Ave-Culver) to 23rd Street

M train (Qns Blvd-6 Av-Myrtle) to 23rd Street

N train (Astoria-Bway-Sea Beach) to 23rd St.

R train (Qns Blvd-Bway-4Av) to 23rd Street

NJ PATH Trains to 23rd Street

Monolodge IAW Revo Films presents a Novel Film Trailer

"DUPPY: Ya Reap

What'cha Sow"

Starring Jim Willis as Al Carter , Ivelaw Peters as Patrick Livingston, Crystal Hanton as Michelle Livingston, Gloria Arnold as Una Livingston, Adam Glenn as Shawn Young, Leo Bona-Balibar as Eric Martinez, & Bryan Champion-Thompson as Dwayne "Baby Al" Carter

Cameras By Acy Brown & Darnell White

Edited By Joel Smith

Music Composed By Denaul RocknRolla Jenkins

Produced By Ondre Devonte Carter & Bashshir Sultan

Based On The Novel By Ronald Haynie

Executive Produced By Ronald Haynie

& Toya Revo DuBarry

Directed By Toya Revo DuBarry

R Dixon Gallery Exibit

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By and About Women: celebrating the female spirit


The By and About Women: celebrating the female spirit exhibit will open on June 3, and Best in Show announcement will be made at the opening reception on June 5.

Much has been written and sung about the power, love, passion, strength, creativity, and tenacity of women. The R Dixon Gallery invites you to submit original artwork that expresses your interpretation of the female spirit…visually translating relationships and perceptions of mothers, sisters, daughters, lovers, friends, or yourself.

The "By and About Women: celebrating the female spirit" exhibit is displaying original art that best reflects a unique, visual consideration of the theme. There will be two cash awards: $250 for "Best in Show" and $250 for "People's Choice" recognition.

Exhibit Dates: June 3, 2015 thru July 6, 2015

Opening Reception and "Best in Show" announcement: June 5, 2015

"People's Choice" award announcement: June 21, 2015 *

Juror: Terry Ariano, former curator, Museum of the City of New York

Terry Ariano has worked as a theatrical set designer and exhibit installer in New York City, and in recent years has worked as an archivist, collections coordinator, and director for history and arts organizations throughout New York's Hudson Valley. Ariano has curated shows at the Somers Historical Society and at independent galleries, most recently: the Front Street Gallery in Patterson, NY. She is an inspired photographer, whose work has been exhibited in Manhattan, the Catskills, the Hudson Valley, and select galleries in Connecticut.

* People's Choice award will be decided by gallery visitors and opening reception attendees.


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Black Esscence

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She digs

Into the the darkness of


The unspoken-ness of


Circulating in dark

Whispering winters and

blossoming organic summers

bursting eagerly thru

the ripening fullness of spring, and

the dancing leaves of fall


in the silence

she digs……deep……deeper

into the un-nurtured

bottomless pits of anguish

and pulls out the essence….

drip by

daring drip of



oiled- fingerprints

stamping firmly

the essence of

……..who we were

Before we became

…….who we are





At one another

In full acknowledgement

Of our curvaceous lips and tongues... dominating chins

That rise from proudly anchored neck bones

Defined shoulders, triceps, biceps and breasts engorged

With the sweet milk and honeydew of life

Steadily replenishing itself without nobody telling it to do so

So natural

So real

So eternal

It can’t be bottled

Because it is…LOVE


“You know….the blackness of our essence”

Chiseled deep in blue-black fluorescence

The past

And the present

DNA in Ocean water “elegance”

wrapped in seaweeds of lessons

for us to remember to tell the babies

tell them children that we are……. from the shores of Ghana

the Ivory Coast, Cape town and Ethiopia, Nigeria and Sierre Leone

from dynasties of Egyptian Kings and Queens

who tried to keep sacred forever ancestral dreams, yet

the stories from in-side the pyramid walls

cannot be erased yall...

no one can rid us

of our connection to the root of it all



no… tiny…. figs



The tallest tree

in the garden

It is the root of the fruit

And the saliva on the tongue

It is the chromosome that cannot be cloned


If you don’t got it

You don’t got it







©gha’il Rhodes Benjamin, 2014

In celebration of Crystal Hanton’s







Black Essence Exhibit

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Black Esscence

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Crystal Hanton Chosen to Exhibit Her Art in a Solo Show: BLACK ESSENCE

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NEW YORK CITY, NY – November 4, 2014/ –Artist Crystal Hanton is the cream of the crop. Born and raised in Harlem her first NYC exhibit, an abstract series “BLACK ESSENCE” was chosen for a solo art exhibition at AKWA UNISEX GROOMING, 923 Fulton Street, between Clinton Avenue and Waverly Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. The OPENING PARTY will be on Sunday, November 9, 2014 from 6:00 pm- 9:30 pm. Ms. Hanton exudes talent, creativity; confidence and a strong elaborate understanding of the world she lives in. In difference mediums such as inks, acrylic, and oil, she allows you to see the world through her own eyes. This young artist is very aware of life’s major intersections, tragedies, disappointments, and love stories. She shares with us her worries and her secret, her confidence and a keen knowledge of past, present and future in BLACK ESSENCE. The exhibit will be up from November 1, 2014 - December 1, 2014.

For further information about Crystal Hanton work including dates and times for exhibition showing, please visit her website at or email [email protected]

The exhibition is organized by Curator Rahkeem.




Contact Information:

Crystal Hanton

Telephone: 1-347-780-7575

Email Address: [email protected]



General Information:



[email protected]

Tel: 718-942-7597



Monday: 11am-7pm

Tuesday to Sat: 9am-10pm

Sunday: 11am-7pm




Crystal Hanton 21st Birthday Bash

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